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History of the School

In 2001 the history of Agora Lledó International School began in Castellón, where it started as an Education and Sports Centre that aimed to offer its pupils a system of quality education. It was founded by ten partner members who, since 1983, had worked at the state school “Rey Don Jaime”.In 2006, the school became part of Globeducate, carrying on with the school's philosophy and giving it an international outlook. By means of this union we continue to stimulate the desire to learn and to develop in each of our pupils, but now alongside a top international group of schools that shares our values and allows us to grow and to improve our educational project.In 2009, Agora Lledó was awarded the ISA certification (International School Association), based on its international academic curriculum, and in 2011 it became an authorised IB World School, thereby gaining the right to teach the Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate, the first school to do so in the province of Castellón. Recently, in 2022 we have been accredited to deliver the PYP (Primary School Programme).

The characteristics which have set us apart from other schools since the beginning:

  • Our pupils’ motivation: a pleasant atmosphere where pupils strive to reach, and surpass, their goals.
  • Self-discipline: pupils who are part of our history are a clear example of self-discipline and go on to become outstanding figures in their professional lives.
  • Commitment and a sense of responsibility: we encourage the values of responsibility and commitment, helping our pupils to grow and mature academically and personally.
  • Our pupils’ artistic and creative development. Through intellectual development and different artistic disciplines such as music and art, we boost our pupils’ abilities in these different areas.
  • Large outdoor spaces. The sports building and purpose-built classrooms which open out onto the world offer an appropriate space for each activity in the very best conditions.

We believe that one of our most important goals is to teach our pupils to need and want to discover the world. Throughout the school’s history, we have worked with various professionals who have had a common viewpoint when it comes to understanding pupils’ education in this way. The international private school Agora Lledó International School encourages cooperation among our entire community.

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