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The academic results obtained by pupils at Agora Lledó International School are the result of the work carried out throughout the year by them, by our teaching and non-teaching staff, and by their families.Always focused on obtaining the best results, we are aware that this is not the only thing we want to prepare our pupils for, but it is the result of the path we propose to them. 

IB Diploma

We would like to congratulate the 2022 graduating students on their excellent IB results with an average IB score of 34.72.


24% of our IB Diploma students achieved more than 38 points


12% achieved more than 40 points with the highest mark achieved being an impressive 45

Congratulations to the IB Class of 2022 for their outstanding results

National Baccalaureate


Highest mark out of 14


Average mark out of 14


Average mark out of 10


Obtained 12 or more


Obtained 13 or more

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