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We prepare our students for an international future without limits or barriers. Our curriculum is multilingual, focussing on achieving complete fluency in both English and Spanish and also offering Chinese, French and German at various stages of the curriculum. The project is based on language immersion: a complete immersion in English from the outset to facilitate the learning of the language as it was their mother tongue. Half of the subjects and activities are taught in English during the Preschool and Primary school.

Linguistic immersion

Our comprehensive language project adapts itself to each learning stage, it brings in new foreign languages and gives the students something of great value for their intellectual and personal development. From the first year of Primary onwards, our pupils study German as a second foreign language. In Secondary they can choose to study French or continue with German, as well as attend our language school where students can study Chinese as an extracurricular subject during Primary and Secondary. As the school is a registered examinations centre, students can prepare for a range of official language qualifications including Trinity College London and University of Cambridge English Language papers, and examinations set by the Alliance Française (DELF, French), the Goethe-Institut (German) and the Confucius Institute (Mandarin Chinese).

In addition to the languages offered as part of our mainstream curriculum, the school has a specialist language centre offering courses in Chinese and the chance to improve in a range of other languages. Moreover, our “Happy Saturday” programme provides students from Agora Lledó International School and other schools in the area the opportunity to combine learning English with sports or IT activities in a relaxed, fun and informal learning environment.

Cultural exchanges and stays

To complement our school-based language programme, students can enjoy a range of overseas exchanges and cultural visits to various destinations worldwide, including Collège EIB Monceau Paris (France), Wilhelm von Humboldt College (Berlin, Germany), Maartens College (Groningen, Holland), and Rundle College (Calgary, Canada). From 14 and 15 years old, students can choose to spend one or two terms, or an entire academic year studying at Stonar School, a highly respected English boarding school. Additionally, every year the Globeducate group runs a series of international events, in which Globeducate students from all around the world are invited to participate.

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