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Agora Lledó International School once again above the International Baccalaureate world results

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Agora Lledó International School once again above the International Baccalaureate world results

Agora Lledó International School in Castellón achieved magnificent results in the 2024 IB exams, with an average score of 33.32 points, once again placing it among the best international schools in Spain. In the EvAU exams, the school again achieved a 100% pass rate. 

The scores from the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Selectivo assessments have once again placed the school above national and global standards, consolidating its position at the top of the rankings for educational excellence. 

The IB results put Agora Lledó 3 points above the global average, ranking among the best IB school results nationally. This excellent level is demonstrated by an average score of 33.32 out of a maximum of 45 (equivalent to a University Access Score of 8.325) and a highest score of 39 points, equivalent to a 9.2 University Access Score. After years of leading the global rankings, the school continues to hold privileged positions. 

The 2024 Selectivo results were also a source of satisfaction for Agora Lledó International School. With a 100% pass rate, the school achieved an average University Access Score of 7.7, while the average score for other students taking the exams at Jaume I University was 7.3. Additionally, on a 14-point scale, Agora Lledó's highest score reached an excellent 12.9, and the school's average score out of 14 among the 42 students who took the Selectivo was 10.5. These results once again elevate Agora Lledó International School to a position of privilege, making it the 2nd best school in the city of Castellón and the 6th in the province. 

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