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In the next academic year, Agora Lledó School will present an innovative and unique design for its School of the Future facilities.

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In the next academic year, Agora Lledó School will present an innovative and unique design for its School of the Future facilities.

Agora Lledó, in collaboration with the prestigious firm Rosan Bosch Studio, is developing a new holistic environment which encourages active learning, collaboration and autonomy, with a unique and innovative design which aims to become a cutting-edge educational reference, and which lays the foundations for the "School of the Future".

Shaping a unique IB programme 

The visionary design created for the school is strategically placed to support the International Baccalaureate curriculum and prepare students for the challenges of the future. Agora has already taken the first steps to create an innovative programme aimed at global citizens.

The 5 distinctive elements of the Agora educational project: IB Baccalaureate, Multilingualism, STEAM, Sport and Health, and Shaping the world, clearly mark the identity of Agora Lledó and the Rosan Bosch Studio takes these elements as the generating principle of the proposal and define with them their areas of specialisation, called Studies. The 4 Studies group and organise the concepts covered by the 5 distinctive elements, generating a continuum which allows all of them to be related, promoting the interests and potential of the pupil: 

  • Wellbeing : Health and Movement
  • Arts : Essay, Expression and Communication  
  • Glocal: Knowledge and Social Responsibility  
  • STEAM: Design, Technology and Science

In the Wellness Studio, harmony and connection with nature characterise space, allowing students to explore their physical and emotional well-being.

In the Performing Arts Studio, learning spaces promote creativity and body language. 

The Glocal Studio takes into account the diversity of society on two scales, global and local, and offers spaces to interact and establish social relationships. 

The design of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) Studio spaces encourages multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary work with spaces dedicated to immersion and co-creation, with a degree of specialisation that will multiply learning opportunities for students.

The Studio has two defined areas:

  • Design & Technology
  • Sciences

All this impressive project will take the form of 4 immediate actions that are planned to be carried out this summer.

Architecture at the service of methodology.

Luis Madrid, the Director of Agora Lledó explains that "The new educational spaces must incorporate an ambitious vision of learning in which the outside of the school is activated as an educational environment, in connection with the inside and the specialised areas of multidisciplinary and project-based work, which motivates pupils to explore by learning, in a differentiated and particular way".

Agora Lledó International School will be an educational benchmark, where the design of its architecture will be fully aligned with an innovative and disruptive education which allows teachers and pupils to use a wide range of teaching and learning situations, in line with a changing world of constant challenges, to which education must respond with adaptability and creativity, not only in its methodology, but also in its infrastructure". 

Landscape and city united in a visual identity 

The new educational spaces at Agora Lledó have been designed and inspired by the landscape surrounding the educational community. This allows us not only to orientate ourselves in the best possible way, but also to promote collective well-being through familiarity and recognition of the environment. A school located in nature between the city and the mountains, with unique and specialised environments and routes, inspired by the unique characteristics of the territory surrounding Castellón de la Plana.

Spaces will be created through materials, colours, textures and unique elements, spaces with a particular identity that reflect the diversity and richness of the area. In this way, there will be a unique and enriching educational experience for all Agora Lledó pupils.

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