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Agora Lledó’s educational model

Agora Lledó’s educational model

Agora Lledó International School’s educational programme is the only one in the province to include cutting edge technology, emotional intelligence, group and individual work, creative arts, extracurricular activities and overseas trips and exchanges, all within a bilingual learning environment.


Agora Lledó is renowned nationally and internationally for its educational model and has become an example for schools throughout Spain. The educational model at the school is based on the idea of an all-round, integrated education striving for academic excellence but in conjunction with developing skills in subjects such as music, sport and technology and reinforcing a shared value system to cultivate well-rounded and successful human beings.


The school continues to grow and develop every year and is committed to keeping up to date with the latest technologies, recently introducing iPads into classes at both Primary (5th year) and secondary level (3rd year) as a study aid. The “Infantium” program is to be incorporated into the Early Years curriculum helping our youngest pupils to develop emotional awareness, teamwork and individual skills. Lledó school is the only school in the region that teaches Computer Science where students learn programming, create drones or configure robots.

The school has also been accepted as a government-accredited Music Centre, teaching a wide range of instrumental music from beginner to professional level. Agora Lledó is also a well-respected language centre with English being the principal language for teaching and learning. Activities such as “Happy Saturday” offer additional opportunities to learn English and participate in sports at the weekends. Agora Lledó’s vision is to provide an internationally focussed education and to prepare our students to take their place with confidence in the global. Overseas trips, visits and exchanges in countries such as England, France, Germany or Holland are an integral part of the programme.

Agora Lledó belongs to the NACE Schools Group, which enables us to participate in a wide range of international events with other schools in the group such as NACEMUN (the Nace Group’s Model United Nations event) or arrange longer overseas stays at Stonar School in England. Forming part of the NACE group provides our students with international opportunities that would not be available to them at other schools and makes the educational programme at Agora Lledó truly unique.


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