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Company of the Year Award

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Company of the Year Award

Under the sponsorship of Telefónica and the El Mediterráneo Prensa Ibérica, the XXIV Edition of the Company of the Year Awards in the Province of Castellón was held this year, and whose Jury consisted of representatives from the Ministry of Finance and Economy, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, as well as a specialist from the Jaume I University, the Castellón College of Economists, the Valencian Community Tourism, PortCastelló, Cajamar, CaixaBank, Banco Sabadell, the Castellón Chamber of Commerce, Telefónica, the tile employer Ascer, the Social Council of the UJI, CEEI Castellón and AS-Notarios.

Hundreds of companies from all sectors of the Province of Castellón are presented at this edition of the awards, through dossiers with detailed information on the activity they carry out, together with the endorsement of the achievements and merits that can make them worthy of being considered as “The Best company in the Province” in the Categories of “Global Company of the Year”, “Quality”, “Initiative and Expansion”, “Human Resources”, “R+D+I”, “Young Company”, “Medium Environment and Social Commitment ”and“ Business Trajectory ”.

In the first selection that was made at the beginning of October, Agora Lledó already had the recognition of having passed the “exclusive” selection and being considered as a “Finalist” and therefore with options to be considered for the final Gala, where the jury would decide in situ, moments before the Gala, the final winners, and the recognition of The Best Company of the Year in any of the categories.

Along with the “Global Company of the Year” award, the “Quality” award is most valued because it recognises the global aspects that a company has in all its areas of development, and in which Agora Lledó finally achieved recognition.

After a few hours of nerves and speculation, the stellar moment came when the host of the Gala, and the director of Prensa Ibérica, named Agora Lledó as the recipient of the “Company of the Year Award, Quality category” “for having placed Castellón on the international and national education scene, being considered the Best International Baccalaureate school in Spain, and among the 5 best in Europe (EEA) in the historical series over the last 5 years “

This recognition has also taken into account its position as the best school in the Selectividad grades of the Valencian Community for university entrance, the best private school in the province in the prestigious El Mundo ranking, a digital benchmark school in Spain, among the 30 best innovators in Spain , or among the best 20 in Spain according to Forbes magazine, and to be recognized for its Academic Quality, its innovative “Host Family” Programme, the Music Conservatory, Gifted Students Programme, Care for Elite Athletes Programme, or the different participations in international programmes such as WIMUN of the United Nations, Youth Leadership Encounter of ISA (International Schools Association) or recognition with the Bronze Award from the Global Alliance School for their participation in a sustainable development program with the Bishop’s Stortford College in England, among many other outstanding achievements also at the local and provincial level that have made Agora Lledo as a reference, and that it is considered by this prestigious jury as the best company of the year in demonstration of its quality and positioning at a national and international level, taking the name of Castellón everywhere.


Read the news on the El Periódico Mediterráneo webpage

You can see the link to the awards ceremony in this video:


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