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COPE Castellón in Agora Lledó

COPE Castellón in Agora Lledó

The radio program Herrera y Mediodía of COPE Más Castellón broadcasted from Agora Lledó International School to talk about the spectacular concert of the VII International Music Festival, the event organised by the school last Saturday, February 2nd at the Auditorium of Castellón.

During the interview, we were able to understand the feelings of some of the Directors of the NACE Schools group: Luis Madrid, Director of Agora Lledó International School; Sergio González, CEO of the NACE group; Vicenç Gandol, General Director of Spain and Andorra; and Line Vissot, General Director in France.

They agreed that it was a great concert in which the participation of 254 students from 13 schools of the educational, group stood out, and the collaboration of families to welcome all students from different parts of Spain, Andorra and the rest of Europe.

In addition, Agora Lledó International School made the event unforgettable thanks to the innovative proposal of bringing all these musicians together in one concert and getting them to be able to play together.

Thanks to the NACE Schools group events, students can interact with students from other schools of the group and exchange cultures through English, but also through a common language, the language of music.

From the school we want to thank the great reception and success of this historic concert with which Agora Lledó has opened to the world and with which we demonstrate the educational values ​​that all the schools the group share.


Full interview in COPE Más Castellón

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