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Inauguration of the Marta Linares Sports Centre: A Tribute to Sporting Excellence

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Inauguration of the Marta Linares Sports Centre: A Tribute to Sporting Excellence

On an afternoon full of emotion and recognition, Agora Lledó International School celebrated the inauguration of its sports centre, a significant event marked by dedication and excellence in the world of sport. This space now bears the name of an outstanding figure in the history of rhythmic gymnastics, Marta Linares, in a gesture which honours her legacy and contribution to sport.  

Marta Linares, recognised both nationally and internationally, has left an indelible mark on the world of rhythmic gymnastics. With an Olympic diploma obtained at the 2004 Athens Games and her role as coach of the Spanish individual rhythmic gymnastics team, Marta has inspired generations with her dedication and success in this demanding sport. 

The inauguration ceremony not only represented the opening of a sports space, but also a well-deserved tribute to an inspirational figure. Agora Lledó International School highlighted the importance of recognising the brilliant career of Marta Linares, whose name will be engraved in the school's history as a symbol of excellence and achievement.  

The school's commitment to rhythmic gymnastics dates back to its beginnings in 2002, and this decision to name the sports centre after Marta Linares reflects the deep connection between sport and the educational institution. It is a recognition not only of Marta's individual career, but also of the outstanding role of rhythmic gymnastics in the Castellón region. 

The emotional ceremony was attended by local authorities, prominent Olympians and, of course, Marta Linares, who shared significant moments with the school and sporting community. Family councillor Alberto Vidal, school principal Luis Madrid, president of the Valencian Gymnastics Federation Concepción Rico, and other special guests joined in celebrating this milestone in the school's history. 


For Marta Linares, this act of recognition was a moment of joy and pride. Her contribution to the sporting world has left a lasting legacy, and to see her name associated with the school's sports centre is an honour that she shares with the whole community of Castellón. In addition, the tribute she received from the gymnasts of Club Deportivo Lledó added a special touch to this memorable occasion. 

Matilde Clausell Ortiz, Marketing Officer and rhythmic gymnastics coach at Agora Lledó International School, expressed her deep admiration and support for Marta Linares: "I am in love with rhythmic gymnastics, its sporting values, its beauty, its enthusiasm and the immense work that goes with it. Thanks to gymnastics I have been able to get to know Marta Linares and follow her throughout her sporting life. She deserves this recognition at home. Agora Lledó International School will always support her and the sports centre will always be her home".  

The inauguration of the Marta Linares Sports Centre at Agora Lledó International School was much more than the opening of a sports facility. It was a tribute to dedication, excellence and passion for sport, embodied in the figure of a true sporting legend. Let this space serve as an inspiration for future generations of sportspeople and as a reminder of the lasting impact that commitment and determination can have on our lives. 



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