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Penny Pareja, speaker at the Toddle Ties Congress

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Penny Pareja, speaker at the Toddle Ties Congress

Our teacher Penny Pareja will take part as a speaker at the Toddle Ties Congress in October 2023 in the Primary education category focusing on PYP.

"My main focus has always been on education, although my passion is travelling and basically being happy doing what I love most, nurturing the minds of our young learners".

Miss Penny is a passionate teacher who started her journey with PYP five years ago and fell in love with how children could be the agents of their own learning.

"I like to learn with them and from them. My goal in class is to try to get them to think for themselves, to make them believe that they are capable of great things and that they are worthy. I love to see how they gain confidence and how they enjoy the lessons. Give them the right questions and the right tools to develop them and watch inquiry flourish!"

Miss Penny firmly believes that teachers influence the lives and development of our pupils.

"We have a great responsibility and therefore we must plan carefully how we are going to guide their learning and development."

For all these reasons, Miss Penny has been selected to take part in this world-class event and where she will be able to showcase how PYP transforms students into independent global citizens capable of being agents of their own learning, empowering them with tools that will be part of their lives.


This event is held every year and has become the world's premier gathering of innovative educators.

There will be over 50,000 educators from around the world over 2 days in over 50 sessions, all designed to grow educator practice and make global connections.

The goal of Ties is to open the door to inspiration and immerse teachers in a professional development event like no other, sharing it with like-minded progressive educators who are passionately committed to advancing education to new heights.

This year's connecting theme is Igniting ideas.

The goal is to share ideas and discover transformative pedagogical practices that will resonate in the heart of every learner.

"My session will be interactive, educators will experience new ways of empowering their students through collaborative and cooperative learning, turning them into independent and global learners. I will use my experience at Agora LLedó and give them practical examples that can help them in their daily practice."

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