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Results of Selectivity 2018

Results of Selectivity 2018

Luis Madrid was interviewed on the radio last Thursday, where he was interviewed about the surprising results of the university entrance exams of the students of Agora Lledó International, the best within the private schools of Castellón.

Luis explained during the interview that this generation coincides with those who began at school at 3 years of age, in early childhood education, and who have been evolving and growing with the school during these years. The personalised attention, the focus on the development of the abilities of each student and the high demand and hard work over the years are the recipe for this recent success. He also highlighted the results obtained in the International leavers exams, were even above those obtained in the university entrance exams, with the equivalent of a 9 in a national grade.

Our greatest congratulations to all the students of the university entrance exams and International leavers exams, the teachers and all the educational staff, whom make it possible to reach this level of educational excellence resulting in our fantastic results.


You can listen to the full interview here:

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