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The best results in the Community

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The best results in the Community

The statistics with the results in the Valencian Community of the General Phase of the EvAU tests (former Selectivity) corroborate that Agora Lledó International School has again achieved 100% pass rate and an average score of 7.492, ranking for the third consecutive year among the 10 best results of private schools in the Valencian Community. Thanks to the intense online work that the centre has carried out during the confinement, with daily videoconferences and a complete follow-up, the 45 students presented this year have obtained one of the best historical results of the school, with 30% of the students earning an average outstanding grade.

These marks are in addition to those obtained recently by International Baccalaureate® (IB) students, with 100% passing and an average mark of 35.1, equivalent to 8.83 on the EvAU university entrance exams. Results above the world average for International Baccalaureate that consolidate Agora Lledó school as one of the best IB World Schools in Spain and Europe. The average between the scores obtained in the EvAU tests and the equivalences of those obtained in the International Baccalaureate exceeds 8.1 on average, placing Agora Lledó at the head of the schools in the Valencian Community.

Another fact of great importance for the Agora Lledó team is the merit of being the school in Castellón with the smallest deviation between the grade from the Baccalaureate record and the grades from the university entrance exams. A 0.419 deviation between the two grades that reflects the professionalism and objectivity with which all the school’s teaching staffs have faced online education and academic monitoring in recent months, as well as the performance of students who make us feel proud with their commitment and maturity. Students who have given their all in very difficult circumstances and have demonstrated the tools to achieve academic, professional and personal success.


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