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Extracurricular Activities

Our rigorous programme of extracurricular activities offers all our pupils the opportunity to develop different skills to complement their all-round education. 

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We have various activities which seek to strengthen pupils’ skills in specific areas: our language school, our music school, sports, cultural activities and technology. Pupils take part in extracurricular activities outside of class time, and the aim of these activities is to boost their physical, intellectual and social development. All of them offer great benefits for pupils’ development, such as learning to manage their time, organise themselves, improve their coordination, practise their oral expression, and gain self-confidence.

Federation-member sports clubs

There are 3 sports clubs that are national federation members at the school and that are open to children of Preschool, Primary and Secondary age: Rhythmic gymnastics, with the Club Rítmica Lledó, which competes on a national and international level and has won several provincial and national championships; football, with the younger teams being top of their divisions and from where the players go on to play in the more senior teams, and; swimming, where the team competes on a provincial, regional and national level. These clubs are open to the general public too.


Thanks to our fully-equipped sporting facilities we can offer a complete range of sporting activities where the pupils can develop both physically and mentally, acquiring values such as self-confidence, camaraderie and teamwork and developing their coordination, balance, concentration and creativity. The pupils can choose skating, multisport, martial arts/Sambo, chess, Hip-Hop and modern dance.



Our Language School offers English, German, French and Valencian lessons. The methods used are practical and efficient and the lessons are taught by highly-qualified native teachers. Pupils are placed in small groups depending on their knowledge of the language and their needs. All years are covered as there are courses for all ages, from extra back-up lessons to exam preparation courses for the Cambridge exams.

Music and Dance

Agora Lledó International School is an officially licenced elementary and professional music teaching centre. The extracurricular activities available at our music and dance school include introduction to music for children, musical language, modern music and private classes in wind, string, and percussion instruments as well as singing. In addition, we offer different dance and classical ballet classes for pupils in Preschool, Primary and Secondary.

Creative activities

Agora Lledó has a wide range of creative activities for pupils of all ages: comic drawing and animation, stories for working on the younger pupils' emotions, video game design, lab work and experiments for Primary pupils and even a full drone, robotics, coding and 3D model course for Primary and Secondary pupils. A world full of possibilities for fostering the pupils' artistic and creative sides.


As well as the robotics section which is part of Computer Science, Agora Lledó offers extracurricular robotics classes for pupils of all ages: a tool with which the children develop their own strategies for learning science. Through robotics pupils learn in a practical, straightforward and motivating way, fostering their creative and enterprising sides and strengthening fundamental abilities such as the creative solving of problems and decision making.


The teaching potential of chess is recognised worldwide by bodies such as the European Parliament and provides an option within a teaching framework where gamification is considered a powerful educational tool. The extracurricular chess lessons have a positive influence on the development of cognitive and social skills: the pupils use different types of memory, learn how to solve problems and make decisions as well as work on their concentration and calculus.

Academic activities

Solutions for all the pupils who have difficulty with their studies or need help with their study and work techniques: overall academic support in specific subjects to learn how to prepare for exams through academic coaching, guided homework and linguistic competence for Primary students. The activities are taught in small groups so that full advantage of the time can be taken and all the solutions can be as personalised as possible.

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