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Holiday Camps

The youngest ones have the most fun in our linguistic immersion in English at Christmas, Magdalena and Easter, for students between 2 and 12 years of age. The organisation of groups and the programmes for the activities are adapted to the ages of the participants, with a variety of workshops and activities such as arts and crafts, storytelling, outdoor games, drama and swimming classes. Academic agenda taught by professionals in education.

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Magdalena Global Fest

A journey through cultures. A celebration of diversity that invites our students to embark on a cultural journey during our 100% English holiday camp.
Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment where every class is conducted entirely in English, fostering linguistic fluency and global understanding. Our diverse campus celebrates the richness of cultures worldwide, promoting inclusivity and embracing the beauty of our differences. Through engaging activities, interactive discussions, and collaborative projects, students explore various traditions, languages, and perspectives, fostering empathy and respect for diverse communities. Join us as we embark on a journey of cultural discovery, unity, and mutual appreciation. Together, let's celebrate diversity and create lasting connections!

Spring Skillz: Easter Active Holidays 

Join us for an immersive English activity camp this Easter and Spring holiday season! Our dynamic classes, conducted entirely in English, offer a vibrant learning environment where students not only enhance their language skills but also cultivate global competences. Through interactive activities, engaging discussions, and hands-on projects, STEAM and so much more. Participants will explore diverse cultures, collaborate with their peers, and develop essential communication and critical thinking skills. From themed language workshops to outdoor activities infused with cultural insights, our camp provides an enriching experience that empowers students to thrive in an interconnected world. Come be a part of our global learning community and unlock your potential during our Active Easter campus.

Creative Expression (Christmas)

A complete program for children from 1 year onwards to give free rein to their creativity: painting workshop, puppet workshop, musical initiation, theatre, swimming pool daily... and everything 100% in English!

Rhythmic Gymnastics

High quality sports programme adapted to the age and level of the athlete. Once again this year the rhythmic gymnastics camp offers all children the opportunity to get closer to this wonderful sport and enjoy it. We will work on apparatus technique, body expression, ballet, enjoy the best choreographies and of course swimming. With coaches from the Lledó Rhythmic Gymnastics Club.


High quality sports programme adapted to the age and level of each athlete. If you are looking for the best football training that educates in values, with swimming and enjoying an environment to remember forever, this is your campus.  The players will carry out technical and tactical practices focused on aspects of individual and collective play. With coaches from the Agora Lledó football club.

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