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Exchanges and Stays Abroad

At Agora Lledó International School we offer a wide range of opportunities for pupils to improve their language skills, such as stays and exchanges. This is a unique international experience through which pupils will develop independently in another language and which will allow them to open up to the world, interact with students from other countries and cultures, and acquire values which will be useful for the rest of their lives. One of the main objectives is to learn the language, although this experience brings many other benefits to the students, such as opening their minds to other cultures and cementing values such as respect for diversity. These skills will help them to become true citizens of the world, facilitating their access to a great professional future.Globeducate' international network allows us to offer our students exchanges, summer courses and stays at prestigious schools abroad which complement the trips already included in the syllabus. A unique opportunity to live valuable international experiences alongside students from all over the world


From the age of 10 upwards, our pupils can take part in exchanges to different places. Examples of these are: Schools Collège EIB Monceau Paris in France (5th Primary), Wilhelm von Humboldt School in Berlín, Germany (2nd ESO), Maartens College in Groningen, Holland (3rd and 4th ESO) and Blyth Academy in Calgary, Canada (4th ESO), all of which are part of the Globeducate network. These exchanges help them to gain independence and responsibility and to face everyday situations where they learn to make decisions and fend for themselves in a foreign language while living a new culture.

School year at Stonar, UK

Our boarding programme at the prestigious English school Stonar, part of the Globeducate group, gives our pupils the chance to spend one term, two terms or a whole year there. The 120-year-old school is set within a campus that extends over 32 hectares giving the students some wonderful surroundings. It is 90 minutes from London, near the town of Bath. The classes are small in the number of students and there are many free-time activities and pupils can study the British syllabus without losing touch with their local tutor.

As well as its excellent academic programme and well-equipped facilities, Stonar offers students the opportunity to improve their fluency by living in English alongside pupils from all over the world with whom they live 24 hours a day, sharing experiences and building life-long friendships.

The residences where the students stay make for the students’ full academic development as they do not need to travel to school and there are no distractions from outside school life. The residences are comfortable and fully-equipped and where pupils can spend time in the common rooms that are equipped with Wi-Fi, TV, DVD player and videogames.

The best thing about Stonar is its spectacular campus: boarders can take advantage of all the school’s sports facilities where they can play tennis and football, go horse-riding or swimming and play football with their new friends. This gives them a chance to relax and socialise with schoolmates from all over the world, all with a co-operative and open approach where they learn from the older ones and give the younger ones a helping hand.

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